Standardized Testing: The Real Threat to American Schools by Alfie Kohn

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Standardized testing requires student to answer same or similar questions with given answer choices that are often in multiple choice or true or false form. Dating back from 2200 B.C standardized testing is recorded being used in China ,where people applying for government jobs had to take an examination ,testing their knowledge on confucian philosophy and poetry.During the mid-1800s in Industrial Revolution ,soon after child labor laws were enacted taking children out of farms and factories and putting them into schools the use of standardized test was introduced to America in Boston. Standardized testing was being used to compare schools and teaching quality; Boston’s program was soon adopted nation wide. Types of standardized test…show more content…
These forms of test either overestimate students or underestimate them. Often students that test well usually cannot explain how they got the answer they did or why it is right. Meanwhile, standardized tests are unfair to the students who are brilliant thinkers,but do not test well. Wrong answers do not always mean an absence of understanding , just like correct answers do not alway indicate understanding. Though multiple choice and true or false format present many problems it is easier to agree on a correct answer of a basic criteria multiple choice question than a on deeper level of thinking, essay question ,therefore making the tests easier and faster to grade.This belief that efficiency is a high priority that effectiveness is leading to a decline in teaching because standardized test do not require an reason behind answers most teachers teach for the sake of testing and sadly, not for the sake of learning. This type of teaching is often referred to as the ‘drill and kill’ method and involves students memorizing isolated information that ‘might’ be on the test. This form of teaching does not allow students to understand the information in a way that they might apply it to other situations other than testing. Those students who are not taught in a ‘drill and kill’ technique and can analyze and make connections are often asked to ‘dumb down’ for the
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