Standardized Testing Trends

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As everyone knows, there are many trends and issues when it comes to education. First, let’s discuss the current issues in today’s society. Some of the issues receiving the most attention include fairness in education, and the use of standardized testing. Standardized tests are examinations that are scored the same way across the country. They are given to students yearly to decide if they are meeting objectives. A big stress has been placed on the results of these tests. This has effected what students are taught in class, therefore teaching shifts from traditional teaching to test preparation. However, there are people who support the tests' ability to evaluate students' and schools' effectiveness. Yet, testing also has a few downsides. Teachers feel pressure to have…show more content…
Albert Shanker, a former president of the American Federation of Teachers, compared the United States with other countries. This is what he had to say about this; “In the U.S., we have no such agreement about curriculum- and there is little connection between what students are supposed to learn, the knowledge on which they are assessed, and what we expect our teachers to know.” (1991) Since this, there has been a national push for education based on mutual standards while conserving local control. Because of this, the idea of “No Child Left Behind Act” surfaced. It was passed in 2002 by George W. Bush with the goal of closing gaps that wave education and make schools responsible for failure or success. For instance, in 2009, only thirty-two percent of the nation’s eighth graders were capable in math and thirty percent were proficient in reading. So, the lack of common curriculum across the nation has many negative consequences. For one, instead of having one system, the nation has several. There is a wide dissimilarity in the preparation of individuals. Therefore, many students graduate without the abilities needed to compete in a global
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