Standardized Testing Vs Standardized Testing

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In todays educational programs, some fear that there are too many tests given to students by teachers. Others say that there are still lack of testing going on in schools. Reasons for this is that students aren't given enough tests, which doesn't prepare them for bigger things like EOC's or finals. Students need to take the time and learn the subject before they jump into the big test.

Standardized testing now days has changed and gotten a lot more helpful than it was in the past. Students are given a chance at studying what they learned and then use the studying on the test. So many teachers and educators believe that a standardized test is more important than an advanced test.
Advanced testing can easily make a student feel complicated and think that they will fail the test. Some of these tests have questions on them in which the student may not even be familiar with, and will leave them in a situation where they don't know what they are doing.
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Teachers will not be stressed over grading different tests over and over, but an organized test will help them grade much faster. Too much testing can be a distraction since the students will never be able to learn anything clearly due to starting a new topic over something very quickly. Many students fail the course over these procedures. Testing not enough will not prepare the students for the future courses in high school or college. The students who are in the course will have trouble remembering the things that they struggle on. Students that are hard workers will have too many things to study and even can affect their grade if they have a lot of homework. One of the only positive effects in this case is that students have a lot of time to take notes review what they
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