Standardized Testing Was Originallycreated In China And

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Standardized testing was originally created in China and from there it grew, in 1905 Alfred Binet had developed the IQ test and by the time World War One standardized testing was standard practice (Fletcher). The SAT and ACT are the most common standardized test today, while a lot of college bound students take the ACT and SATs to show how smart they are and how well they will do in college theses test are not the best way to determine a student 's potential, “these test have also been shown that they discriminate against certain groups”.(Wallace) Standardized testing is not a fair way to place someone into college. The ACT and SAT tests have been shown to be race and class biases (Christopherson). Students who come from a low income…show more content…
There is also proof that students taking these test that come from low income families and a poor neighborhood are not as likely to do as well as student who has gone to a wealthier school. Ezekiel Dixon-Roma, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania has been studying this along with others (Webb). Taking the ACT and SATs are also expensive some students can only take it once due to the costs of these tests, Standardized testing also can cause a lot of stress on any student take the test and can cause anxiety that plays a big role in determining the factor of how well they do the test, not whether they know the material (Dr. John Poulsen 
and Kurtis Hewson). These test are a hard way to determine what the students have learned over there past 12 years of school (Dr. John Poulsen 
and Kurtis Hewson). Standardized testing is also used as fuel for political agendas, usually the center of these debates are standardized testing and the scores. These scores are often looked at if you do not do well you will not succeed (Wallace). Over the years over seventy- eight percent of the colleges consider standardized test scores to be considerably important but they evaluate them in conjunction with your transcripts, they also have taken in consideration of your class rank, recommendation

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