Standardized Tests Essay

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Teachers spend time on the memorization of specific words that will be on the state test, not vocabulary building exercises. Educators have pep rallies that take educational time away from lesson plans and teaching in order to have the students learn cheers expressing how well they are going to do on the state test. Excess teacher and administration time is spent figuring out game plans, but not for teaching students, rather for figuring out how to increase test scores. Meanwhile, when students are truly excited about exploring a topic in depth, they are shut down because there is no time to learn, only time to memorize items that might be on these tests. Standardized tests waste classroom time and do not accurately measure …show more content…
Many high school students do not even take these tests seriously because many of them are at the same intellectual level as adults and realize that the tests are flawed. Still, they might not consider that these flawed tests might lessen their chances of getting into college. Certainly, one could envision a system of standardized tests where learning is at the center.

These tests are biased and prefer certain groups over others, making them unfair and denying equal opportunity for education. Minority and low income students are affected far more than middle-class, majority students. In fact, if the government persists in making a student's graduation rest on a single test, the result over the next few years could be a scenario that might be “described as an educational ethnic cleansing” (Kohn, 2000). It is unfair to base a school's funding on these tests when clearly any underperforming schools would benefit greater from an increase of resources as opposed to schools that perform at a higher level. Every year 1.2 million students fail to graduate from high school based on their test scores and therefore, cost the Nation more than $3.1 million in lost wages, taxes, and productivity over their lifetimes (Congress, 2011). It has taken some time for educators and parents to realize that the idiom of "standards" is turning schools into test-prep centers, effectively undermining enthusiasm for learning and teaching.
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