Standardized Tests Good Or Bad

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Tests: Good or Bad From the day you start school, and until you finish college, you will always be giving tests. Almost every one fear them, because tests put so much stress on you, Due to their Importance in evaluating your knowledge in any course. I do not like them, but at the same time I can’t that they are not important. I just want to know how important they are, and are they helping the teacher understand the student, or to help the student understand the material. Other people will relate the grades of their child on a test with how good their teachers are at teaching, some people do this to throw the blame on the teacher instead of blaming themselves for not helping their child study. I have heard many argument about tests, and still…show more content…
I found a book called “Educational Leadership,” an interesting topic caught my attention named “Why Standardized Tests Don't Measure Educational Quality.” In it the author divide tests into two categories, he call the first “Aptitude Tests,”2 which can tell how well students are likely to perform “in some subsequent educational setting,”2 for example the ACT (American College Testing), which is supposed to tell the high school student how well will they do in college. The second “Achievement Tests,”2 which are the tests that normally are given in schools and universities. He says that most citizens rely on this tests scores when they evaluate a school's…show more content…
According to a Handbook for Improving Test Construction Skills by Indiana University, there are couple of problems keep classroom tests from being accurate measures of students’ achievement. Some of the problems are “Test content did not reflect the material discussed in class,”3 ”Too little feedback is provided,”3 and “Ambiguous questions.”3
The first problem that the a teacher need to avoid is making questions that does not reflect the material discussed in class, or what the professor indicate was important. As a student for almost 16 years, I strongly agree with this point. In my personal opinion, I believe this to be the worst thing that can happen to a student during a test. all teachers need to avoid this problem if they are looking to make a good fair test.
Having an ambiguous question in a test is like the teacher is intending to have the student misunderstand the question so he will answer it wrong. While the goal from the questions in a test is knowing what the student does not know, instead of making the student failing the test. According to the handbook “Ambiguous questions often result when instructors put off writing test questions until the last minute. Careful editing and an independent review of the test items can help to minimize this problem.”3 I couldn’t say it better, the way to avoid this issue is by reviewing and editing the questions
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