Standards And Ethics And Why Be Ethical

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This essay will begin by discussing the importance of standards and ethics and why be ethical? It introduces you to the ethical principles and issues that will be part of a Professional practice. Topics that are addressed include balancing the client’s needs against your own needs and will discuss the methods of ethical decision making and the frameworks that have been developed to resolve them. It will go on to consider the theoretical framework, codes and guidelines in detail.

The Importance of standards and Ethics

Good intentions are insufficient in counselling and are dangerous unless the counsellor is also competent as a practitioner and working to a satisfactory level of standards and ethics. (Bond, T. 2010, p.8)

Why be Ethical?

Clients usually seek counselling because they are troubled
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The counsellor uses expertise within an ethic of welfare in which she assumes responsibility for assessing what is in the client’s best interest in order to alleviate distress and enhance insight.
Person-centred counsellors may find themselves working with clients who, for one reason or another, have considerable difficulty in working within an ethic of autonomy and respond better to a transitional phase in which the counsellor works within an ethic of welfare. Our preferred choice of therapeutic model and its implicit values provides important insights into ourselves as counsellors which are well periodic reflection and self-examination. From a client’s point of view, the values inherent in our particular approach to therapy will shape their therapeutic journey for good or bad. An unexamined value may become more dangerous or counterproductive as an unacknowledged cause of the client’s therapeutic struggle. Unexamined values can set the counsellors against their clients just as easily as therapist against
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