Standards For Wright Aircraft Corp

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Part One – Standards for Wright Aircraft Corp.
Standards are the rules which must be followed to enable an effective information security program. Compliance with the standards is mandatory, but deviation is possible if approved by the Information Security Officer.

Standards define the minimum, baseline procedures, practices, and configurations for systems, applications, controls, networks, and related topics. They are designed to provide a single reference point for use during software development and adoption, installation of systems and tools, and during the contracts process with vendors and service providers.

Standards do not, however, give detailed command-line instructions on how to meet the company’s policies.(A)

1 Change Control
2 Preface and background material
2.1 Key concepts
Information Security Principles
Definitions: policies, standards, and guidelines
ISO 9001:2015 utilized
3 Using these standards
3.1 Audience – who will use this document?
3.2 How the document is used
3.3 Exemption process – how to deviate from this standard
3.4 Maintaining this document
Periodic review and update
Updates, suggestions, improvements
4 Roles and responsibilities
4.1 Rules for ownership of information
4.2 The role of information owners
4.3 The role of information custodians
4.4 Information users
Clean desk
Clean screen
4.5 Managers
4.6 Information security officer
4.7 Privacy officer
5 Information classifications and requirements
5.1 The security
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