Standards for School Leadership Essay

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Assignment 1 - Standards for School District Leadership - Carlos Ramirez
Since its development in 1994 the standards of Educational Leadership have pursued promoting an understanding on what is expected from the educational administration field.1 The goal of this paper is to present a personal appraisal of a connection between the ELCC standards and my own experiences in district leadership and a reflection on my professional practice of the standards. It is implicit that an educational leader should promote the success of every student by advocating and effectively implementing the 6 standards of Educational Leadership. 2

Standard 1. A Vision of Learning
Standard 2. A Strong School Culture and Instructional Program
Standard 3. A
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We were able to present an Instructional Technology Plan that guide major adoptions in technology for the schools with special emphasis on the integration of technology to teaching and learning. Once implementation began we were able to see Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom in the High School and most core content area classrooms in the middle school. Elementary was reserved to a second year and every classroom and School Library was included in the initiative. The plan was owned by the stakeholders and they were engaged in professional development to take full advantage of the technologies.
In general, as stated in the Standards for Advanced Programs in Educational Leadership by The NPBEA, educational leaders need to place teaching and learning as the focus for schools and districts. To this effect, all educational leaders from district to school level are responsible to ensure that decisions about curriculum, instructional strategies