Standing Up For What You Believe Examples

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Standing up for what you believe in not only impacts yourself, but others as well. From beliefs to ideas, standing up for them is really important. Standing up for what you believe has also changed our history as we know it, for example, Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement, or Cesar Chavez on improving the treatment of workers. In your life, there is a life skill that assists you with anything you can imagine. That life skill is called “Standing up for what you believe.” Many people don’t realize the importance of this skill. Standing for what you believe in is how all the successful people made it in life, most of the famous athletes or business owners you see today came from nothing. Meaning that they mostly came from a…show more content…
He simply wanted everybody to be treated equal and respect each other no matter their color, race, or heritage. He didn’t care if he was famous after impacting the world, in a time when racial equality was not in the question. Even the smallest things in life can impact someone’s mentality on a subject. For example, if you own an Apple product you might think it’s just a machine with a software that helps you out throughout your day. But in reality it’s much more than that, the Apple product you hold in your hands, is actually the result of one man’s dream to improve technology in many ways. That man’s name is Steve Jobs. If Steve Jobs have ignored the power that his intelligent mind holds within, you wouldn’t be holding an Apple product like you do today. Steve Jobs instead refused to listen to the people that would say, “it’s impossible,” or “you will never succeed like this.” And he went on to make a company that today is worth over $800 billion dollars, the way he did that is by standing for he what believes and never giving up on his dreams. Another important figure is Cesar Chavez and his mission on improving the treatment on workers who would get almost little or no pay, abusive labor, and nation wide struggle with the farming industry. He achieved to get the workers what they deserved in pay, as well as treatment, and moral support. And he did this the exact same way any other leader would do, by believing in himself as well as his community and
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