Standing up Against Injustice Essay

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There comes a time, in most citizens’ lives when they must stand against their government to produce change. Change can only be acquired if people take the necessary actions for it to take place. Nelson Mandela was a historical revolutionist who helped his people in Africa, to revolt against the government, in order to bring about change. As a result, he was sentenced to prison for 27 years for trying to overthrow the government. Many revolutionist, such as Arundhati Roy and Martin Luther King Jr., explain in their essays how the role of the citizen is to stand against injustice, and how the government labels them as anti-national because of it. In her piece Come September, Roy talks about tragic events from around the world that…show more content…
King considers negotiation to be important. However, like he stated, no man is willing to sit down to discuss topics which may hurt them (2).He says this to explain how many people are not willing to help others if it adversely affects them and their standard of living. Therefore, King believes that in order for citizens to receive their demands, more drastic measures must be taken. These methods can include: sit-ins and marches. He believes that the role of the citizens is to take matters into their own hand. This being that they must produce actions that result it change. They must voice their concern and take appropriate actions, to achieve their demands. Expressing disappointment towards the church leaders, he states that they should do more, to help the minority stand on their two feet, and not feel discriminated against. This is because following the teachings of God, every human being is equal. Therefore, the church must help structure society closest to how The Bible shows. King fought for this same equality. However, being verbally reprimanded and going to jail for voicing his rights, he shows what happens when you go against the norm of society. The church is there to break those norms, and construct new ideals in accordance with the word of God. Roy and King both believe, that the role of citizens is to stand against their government because of injustice. They help convince others that it’s natural to stand against injustice, through
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