Standout Characters in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

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In the story of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, there are three characters that have characteristics that really standout. Juliet defied the stereotype of the weak female one often sees in literature. She was willing to leave everything for Romeo, and she refused to marry a man she did not love. Ultimately, she gave her life for love. As a thoughtless teenager, Romeo has trouble controlling his temper and emotions leading him to make poor decisions, that always come back to hurt him. Friar Laurence is very loyal, especially to Romeo and Juliet. He was the main tie throughout the novel of Romeo and Juliet and tied the main themes together. Although Juliet has never been in love before Romeo, she would do anything for Romeo because of how loving she is. When Juliet sees Romeo at the Capulet's party, she instantly falls in love with him. (Act I, Scene v) Within a matter of hours, Romeo becomes the single most important person in her life. She knows that a relationship between a Montague and a Capulet could never realistically work out, but her immediate affection for Romeo far exceeds any line of logical thinking. Juliet is completely devoted to Romeo the entire play in many ways. First, she says that if did not lose his name as a Montague, than she would give up her own. Also, when her parents tell her she has to marry Paris, she vows that she would rather die than be apart from Romeo. The only moment in the entire play that Juliet feels against
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