Stanford Hospitals And Clinics ( Shc )

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Stanford Hospitals and Clinics (SHC) is a world renowned academic health system that is comprised of 386 primary and specialty care clinics and the 476 bed Stanford Hospital (US News & World, 2015). The hospital and most clinics are situated in Stanford, California or the surrounding cities. The mission of SHC is “to care, to educate, and to discover for the benefit of patients and the larger community” (Denend, Mendelson & Zenios, 2010). They exemplify this mission by being nationally ranked in 13 adult specialties, including: #9 in ear, nose, and throat; #10 in cancer; #13 in diabetes; and #18 in cardiology (US News and World Report, 2015). Their excellent across multiple disciplines has helped SHC gain worldwide recognition for…show more content…
The CareCast CPOE system in this organization failed in part to poor planning, poor governance, and lack of financial commitment. There must be a visible and sustained top down support to complete the implementation process, which is expected to be a 3 to 6 year commitment. 2. The $60 million IT infrastructure improvement completed by SHC in 2005 provided enough improvement and stability in the legacy systems and network to allow for the EPIC installation. 3. The CPOE system failed due to lack of provider by-in. The use of the Medical Informatics Directors Working Group (MIDWG) will help to establish appropriate ownership and control over the process, as well as deliver a design workflow process and order sets that will be accepted and used by the medical staff. 4. The medical staff has been using “best of breed” systems and has concerns of loss of key functions. However, they agreed to adopt EPIC, an enterprise-wide system designed for maximal integration and continuity of care throughout the continuum. This agreement was reached without any understanding of a potential loss of functionality in the new system, and an assumption the new system will be acceptable to the physicians once installed. 5. This institution’s reputation of excellence was established through cutting edge care. The assumption is an

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