Stanford Prison Study Philip Zimbardo

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Throughout A.P. Psychology, there is the opportunity to apply course content to various research studies that have occurred during the history of Psychology. In the field of social psychology, a course content is applied to a research study. An example of this is the well-known “ Stanford Prison Study”, it was a research experiment to discover the psychological effects of perceived power and observing the struggle between prisoners and Prison officers. The Stanford psychology department created a stimulated jail assigning regular boy college students in the roles of “guards” and “prisoners”. The research study was planned by a famous psychologist named Philip Zimbardo, along with his associates Craig Haney, Curtis Banks, and Dave Jaffe. Zimbardo was attempting to answer the environment that a person is currently in can affect the way they behave than they usually do. A person has “certain inherent or internal behavioral tendencies”, according to “Chapter X, Social Psychology, Reading 37: A Prison By Any Other Name”.Nonetheless these tendencies, can alter by powerful situations and can develop behaviors that differentiate from the person’s actual self; however a fixed hypothesis wasn’t made.…show more content…
It was like the person’s normal framework was removed from and a new thinking process, how they acted, was implemented into them. If I can change modify the study in some way, I would have allowed the “guards” to hit the “prisoners” but they could only hit the prisoner on their hands. I would have created a solitary confinement and prisoner would have no human contact whatsoever. I would allow their parents to only visit 2 a week and it would have talk between a brick wall with only a 10 inch hole to talk through. My reason for this is to test their mental ability, and see they could somehow get himself to remember that this is only a stimulation and it isn’t
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