Stangeron's Vengeance

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A Study in Scarlet, written by Arthur Doyle, introduces the idea of a more evolved criminal. Doyle disliked that criminals were cold blooded killers and instead decided to give his antagonist a backstory. The antagonist endures a great struggle of achieving his revenge on the murderers of his beloved Lucy. Jefferson Hope devotes his life to kill Drebber and Stangerson to gain control over their fate.
To begin with Jefferson Hope’s path of vengeance starts on the second part of A Study in Scarlet. Jefferson Hope was a skillful hunter and talented tracker with a good heart. He met Lucy and John Ferrier during his trip to Salt Lake City. The settlement was Mormon. As a result, Jefferson Hope had no control over his love life. According to Bob
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Lucy was wed to Drebber, but died shortly after due to a broken heart. Jefferson lost everything he held dear to him, because of his social class and the power of Mormons. He vowed to kill Drebber and Stangerson. He spent years pursuing his victims across from the world. He knew Drebber and Stangerson traveled together and began to plot his revenge.
He used his unique abilities to track his victims to London. His health was slowly declining, but that didn’t stop Jefferson to decide the fates of Drebber and Stangerson. The element of surprise was his key to killing them. Jefferson Hope let Drebber decide his own fate by choosing a pill which would either kill him or save him. He wanted to give Stangerson the same option as he did to Drebber but he was attacked and stabbed Stangerson in the heart.
In conclusion Jefferson Hope disregarded his health and life to achieve his goal. He was determined that he would be responsible to control the fate of Drebber and Stangerson. His method to get revenge was to give them a choice of pills and mention if god let them lived then it would be. Marxism is seen in the Mormon’s control over Lucy, John, and Hope, but ultimately gets power by killing Drebber and
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