Stanley Fish's Getting Coffee Is Hard To Do

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In “Getting Coffee Is Hard to Do”, Stanley Fish writes about the difficulties in getting a cup of coffee. He states how something so easy has now become so difficult.
In today’s society, people are finding it harder than ever before to save money.

People are not being able to save because they are putting their wants in place of their needs. Saving money is one of the hardest things to do. First they need to develop a budget to be in control of where their money is going. One should record their monthly expenses, and any money saved for the month put away for emergencies. Today, people are making more money than ever before and still living paycheck to paycheck. Developing a budget will get one accustomed to living within their means and will open up more money for saving.

In our world of instant gratification, people got to save money any way they can. People that shop online need to wait 48 hours before making an impulsive purchase. They are spending too much money on clothes, shoes, and accessories. One can start by cleaning out closets and sell the items that not being worn. In 7 Things Young People Are Spending More Money On These Days, Sam Becker states,This has led many to think that they are a bunch of entitled brats who refuse to grow up. But we have to take into account that millennials are saddled with more debt than any other previous generation, have grown up in a post-9/11 world of perpetual war, and entered the workforce during one of the worst economic stretches in American history. It hasn’t been all beach trips and Mike’s Hard Lemonades, though things are getting better (Becker, sec. 3). He says, The millennials
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