Stanley Milgram 's Psychology Of Obedience

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Stanley Milgram, established a new course of study in the psychology of obedience. The purpose of his experiment was to have an idea of to see how people react the autocritical standard; during his experiment, he recorded how people will behave when given a source of power. Milgram gained this idea after the World War II. He believed that some people had the ability to essentially block out human thoughts of morals, ethics, and sympathetics when assigned to a job. The core issue that Milgram faced was finding a way to create a situation to test his theory; because behavior is such a complicated aspect of psychology to test, Milgram had to properly execute the experiment without physical harm from one person to another.
The primary theory that Milgram was conducting was to test human behavior when higher authority is ordering them to to do certain tasks. Milgram believed that people with no mental disability that led normal lives would not purposely inflict pain towards someone without a reason; however, when there is authority allowing such harsh rules to be enforced, people will most likely obey their authority.
To test his theory, Milgram required forty participants in total who had to be twenty to fifty years of age with various backgrounds. All of the participants that came to the study were paid beforehand so that the experiment would not have any flaws by their actions towards getting their money. After receiving the money, it will be theirs to keep with the option
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