Stanley Park Project White Paper

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• Determine what information might be important for the city to collect in order to evaluate the predicted value of the Stanley Park Project to the community. o The need to evaluate the value that is predicted is very important to the community. The proposal will help the Council to take better judgement related to the development of the City of Kelsey. With all the facilities that Stanley Park Project seem to offer shows to be extremely beneficial to the City; from basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, gymnasium, fitness center increases the predicted value of the Stanley Park Project immensely. A major importance factor to focus on is the air quality and the water treatments and how would the predicted value of the…show more content…
With the vision of The Parks & Recreation Department and their vision to accommodate for the large increase in the members of its facilities and is not always able to provide accommodations for daily use. The City Council seen values in the project and later has decided that there is a need for added recreational facilities for its residents. Which caused the proposal of the building of the Stanley Park community center. The community park will be created on a vacant 60‐acre city‐owned lot. Some of the features of the community center and park will have  8 multipurpose athletic fields • 4 basketball courts • 2 volleyball courts • 2 beach volleyball courts • 4 tennis courts • Enclosed skateboard plaza • Aquatic facility with lap pool and diving pool • Playground with water play area • Enclosed dog parks • Paved path encircling athletic fields • Restroom facility near athletic fields • 35,000 square‐foot community center with full gymnasium, fitness center, game room, dance room, and meeting rooms • 320 square‐foot • Police substation with holding facility in the community
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