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Stanley Student has asked me to supply you with a letter of reference in support of his application for admission to your program. Stanley has been a student of mine in Labor Economics (fall 1993) and advanced econometrics (fall 1994). 1 have been teaching at John Franklin University since 1971 and before that as a doctoral student, I taught at the University of California for 4 years. I am one of 9 full professors in our department of 39.
Stanley Student would fit into the top 100 students I have taught, measured against approximately 12,000 students. He may not have all the theoretical courses as background that some of the other top 100 would have, but he has the logic, the maturity, the clarity, and the communication skills, all of which
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He readily shared what he had learned when he returned to campus. Despite the age difference (6 to 8 years), I found Stanley to be held in high regard by his peers and indeed there was close cooperation instead of a coldness often accorded excellent students.
Economics is extremely demanding and I am not noted as an easy grader. Stanley topped both classes that I taught. Economics also has a reputation for forcing students to use logic, the same logic which is a necessary characteristic of "excellent" lawyers.
I am aware of and share Stanley Students ethical concerns. I believe he would be a highly professional individual, both as a student and as a member of the bar.
It has been a pleasure to write for Stanley Student. I hope you take account of the demands of the earliest period of his enrollment (carrying a full-term lob and many related activities) and look at his full-time marks as being more representative of his ability. I cannot think of another reference to law school that I have written where I felt as strongly about the student's ability to complete law school. That may be seen by the A+ and A which I assigned him as first in both my
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