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Stanley Tookie Williams III Stanley Tookie Williams III was born on December 29th 1953 in New Orleans, Louisiana to a younger mother at 17. The family was abounded by his father in 1959. Shortly after his father leaving the family him and his mother boarded a Greyhound bus headed to Los Angles in hope to find a better life for them both. As I young child he found it more interesting to be in the street than be at home. He had become the new kid on which led him to be subjected to the neighborhood bullies. He quickly learned how to defend himself threw fighting. He was fighting neighborhood bullies at age six. Learning how to fight at age six is a bit ridiculous. As a member of the black male species living in the ghetto he would…show more content…
In 1979 Washington was shot and killed, which was blamed on the Hover faction of the Hoover faction of the Crips, which led to war between Hoover and other factions of the Crips. No arrests were made, but theories state that Washington knew his killer. Williams and some of his fellow member were high on PCP-laced cigarettes, than drove to a convince store and robed it. Williams than took the storeowner to the while the others robbed the store, shot out the security cameras and than released two bullets execution-style shot to the back. They only profited 120 dollars from the robbery. Prosecutors than say Williams broke into a hotel office Brookhaven and shot and killed three members of the family who owned the motel. The gun used was linked to Williams’s shotgun and several gang members testified that Williams was indeed bragged about it. Williams denied this shooting as well, claiming that other members of the gang framed him. In 1981, Williams was convicted of murder and two counts of robbery in the Los Angles superior Court, which he was sentenced to death. On April 20th he was sent to San Quentin to sit on death row. Williams didn’t adjust well to prison life, and by the mid 80’s he was given six and a half years in solitary confinement fro multiple assaults n guards and fellow inmates. After about two years in confinement he started examined his life’s choices and repented for his actions. He attributed his transformed
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