Stanley's Room: A Narrative Fiction

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It was a hot summer’s day in NYC. Many people were out, some because they wanted to be, and others because they had nowhere else to be. A large man looked around disgustedly as he waddled down the street. His name was Stanley. For 50 years he had been living in New York, and he didn’t truly enjoy one minute of it. He had been handed everything he had ever wanted his entire childhood, and he expected the same as an adult. Though rich, his parent had been neglectful and inattentive to him, and when they were with him, they would tell him that he deserved everything he desired. As usual, Stanley was frowning. He was always mad at something. This time he was mad at the vendor running his usual hotdog stand. “Will you hurry up? I got somewhere…show more content…
He hated the crowdedness of the city, yet he stayed as it was all he had ever known. As he dodged away from one person, he accidentally smacked into a large man. “Watch where yer goin!” Stanley yelled as he stumbled to the ground. As the man walked away, Stanley found himself at eye level on his hands and knees with a homeless man sitting against a building. “Are you ok?” the man asked. “Whadda you care?” Stanley questioned, not used to anyone offering to help him on their own. Stanley's face grew as red as his t-shirt as he struggled to get up. By the time he was back on his feet, he was panting and wheezing. “Are you sure you don’t need a hand?” The man asked. “No,” he replied. “Could you spare a dollar?” the man asked. “No,” Stanley replied without hesitation. “Lazy bastards like you are why everyone calls this city dirty. Why don’t you go do everyone a favor and hide yourself in an alley?” he said before spitting on the ground next to…show more content…
As he slowly regained and recompiled his thoughts, he realized that he was in the hospital. “ How are you feeling?” He heard from the other side of the room. It was a woman's voice. He gathered enough strength to lift his head up and saw a young nurse staring back at him. “How did I end up here?” Stanley asked. “You had a heart attack on the street,” she answered, “and a man saved your life. He rushed over and resuscitated you when you were mere seconds from death,” “Who was he?” “He’s a homeless man by the name of Charles Banks” she told him. “He says he was the one you called a ‘lazy bastard’”. Stanley eyes widened. “Where is he now?” he asked. “Out on the streets again would be my best guess; we haven't seen him in awhile. He told us he worked here until he was fired 10 years ago. Explains why he was actually able to keep you alive until we were able to get to
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