Stannis 'Dungeon': A Narrative Analysis

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Ok, my first post here, show watcher only, so bear with me here. After Stannis defeats Mance, he brings him to the wall and ask to Mance kneel before him. We all know he didn't and ended up dying for it. This was Stannis first and crucial mistake in is north campaign. By killing Mance, he automatically loses all possible future support from the wildlings. He also creates desnecessary tension before a bigger battle. What could had he done? He should asked Mance to join him as an ally, in the same way Jon asked Tormund. Wildlings might not be that good on the battlefield, but they know the winter, and they know the realy enemy (The enemy Mellisandre warned about) better than anyone in westeros. He should have promised lands, same as Jon did, in exchange for small troops. Not a ten thousand strong, because that would create internal problems during the march to winterfell. But a small group of wildlings would have reached Winterfell before, gathered info and so on, that the whole "Me and 20 good man" would have never worked. Wildlings have no problem with snow, and they probably know a lot of battle tatics during those conditions.…show more content…
Many of you guys should know that in the past (Napoleon, WW2), small war tatics during adverse weather were super effective. The resulting scenario is: -He had to burn his own daughter. You can see the face of his men, they really didn't like that. "How good can a king be if he burn his own heir?" some of them must be thinking. Moral went to garbage. -Bolton have 6 months of food supply. Stannis has barely none for a siege that can last very long. -Bolton has a stronger intelligence set on the north, and they have much more knowlodge of how to fight
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