Stapler Figure Essay

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Date: August 13, 2007

To: Cheryl Nobles
From: Iana Machinskaia
Subject: A mechanism process description of a stapler

Figure 1 Stapler


A stapler is a portable "device which binds together sheets of paper by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding over the ends to secure the paper". (Wikipedia)
Most office staplers are 30 cm long, 9 cm wide and 18 cm tall. The stapler is made of rubber, plastic and metal. Main components of an office stapler include the base, the anvil, the magazine, the metal head, the case, the hanger and the springs.


The base is a 30 cm long, flat, box-shaped plastic container, with anti-skid rubber pads attached at the bottom for stable use. The function
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The pin is a piece cut off to a certain length and shape. Usually the pin is in cylinder form about 9 cm long and with a radius of 3 mm. "Because the pin is used to hold the top and bottoms half of the stapler, it is usually made from a strong, heat-treatable metal."(Ewers, William) Figure 4 Hanger

Springs Figure 5 Coil Spring
There are two types of springs in the office stapler. One is a coil spring, which connects the plastic case, which covers the metal head, to in the magazine. The other is a leaf spring, which is made of rolled thin of peaces of steel. The leaf spring in a stapler typically performs two separate jobs. It keeps the row of staples lined up in the magazine and ready to be used, and it returns the metal head to its original up position.


There many different types of staplers that are used in medicine, manufacture and households, but the basic principles behind its mechanism remain the same for all of them. The bottom part of the stapler, which includes the base, the anvil, the hanger, and the top half, consisting of the magazine, the case, the springs, and the metal head, is a perfect invention to staple documents together.

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