Staples Case Study

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Staples Inc. The idea of Staples started off with a very easy problem to fix. Thomas Stemberg was trying to print off a business plan when his printer ribbon all of a sudden broke on the Fourth of July holiday (About Staples). " It was the Fourth of July weekend, 1985, and Tom's regular supplier, a local stationery store, was closed for the holiday" (About Staples). After driving around for hours trying to find a store that carried his printer ribbon and trying to find a store that was open Stemberg knew he could create something big. Thomas Stemberg was an expert in the supermarket industry before being fired from his executive position in 1985. After being fired Stemberg searched for a new market to indulge in. Stemberg then…show more content…
In order to help keep their name recognition they ran a super bowl ad. An internal weakness for Staples is the shortage of contract sales. Staples does not have a lot of contract sales compared to its leading competitors. Some would consider this a opportunity because it has room to expand on it but I feel that because Staples is so far behind its competitors that it is a weakness for them. I think another weakness for Staples is small stores existence. With the addition of more and more copy cat businesses popping up every year the market is becoming larger and it becomes harder for Staples to grab more of that market share. This is why the target market is beginning to like the smaller store layout better. The reason why the target market is beginning to like the smaller store design is because the trend has changed to a fast paced shopping. Customers now a day want to be in and out of the store. They don't want to spend a lot of time in the store searching for their supplies that they need. This is a weakness for Staples because they do not have many small store layouts. Most of their stores are huge one stop shops where u can get anything that is related to business. An external opportunity for Staples would be the addition of international companies that they buy out. When Staples buys out international companies they gain a big step on their competition. Their main competitors are just starting to expand internationally.

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