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Current Strategy Evaluation When Staples first started their typical consumers came from the Baby Boomers. This generation was in focus because they value in store shopping. With the evolution of technology, the Baby Boomers impact on the industry is steadily decreasing. One of the main problems the company is facing is their consumer’s desire for convenience. Millennials and generation Z are becoming more influential in the industry because they place a high value on the convenience of technology and online shopping. The problem is that consumers don’t find Staples online shopping platform as convenient as some of the other options out there. The lack of an efficient online platform is evident considering the company’s online sales have decreased…show more content…
The company reinvented its brand to show consumers that Staples is more than just a paper and printing company. The company wanted to show the consumers they sell far more products. The advertising campaign consisted of the company changing its tagline to “Make More Happen” and changing the company logo . Staples changed the company logo by replacing the L in staples which use to be a paper clip, to furniture products, step ladders and any other products that show they sell more than paper. This strategy was implemented to help the company compete with the likes of Amazon, and Walmart, but was not pursued extensively. The company pushed this campaign primarily in stores in hopes to save…show more content…
As mentioned in the current strategies of staples, the company has attempted to re-brand in order to meet customers growing needs. Staples successfully adjusted their advertising campaign but, most of their advertising and brand promotion is still in store. Without pushing their new slogan and logo externally, the company is relying on consumers to notice the company’s promotions themselves. It is challenging to reach consumers without pushing the promotions, and the company’s financials prove that it isn’t working. In conclusion, Staples has begun to take corrective action in re-branding. However, they receive a “no” due to their poor attempt to promote

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