Staples Inc: Measuring Development and Progress

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Staples, Inc: Measuring Development and Progress Staples, Inc. does business in many different countries, but its home base of operations is in the United States (Staples, 2012). In order for the company to do well in the US or abroad, however, the country in which it is located must be growing and developing on its own terms and under its own power. Otherwise, there will not be a customer base for the store to utilize and it would not make any sense for a company like Staples to move into a country or community where there was no money to be made. That is simply bad business. The most important indicator for measuring the developmental progress of a nation, though, is whether the economy of the country (and the community) is growing and expanding. When a community (or a large number of communities) is not doing well, that often speaks to the entire country and its strengths. Staples can actually help communities it moves into, though, instead of shunning areas where there is little economic development. By doing something of that nature, companies like Staples show corporate ethics and social responsibility. Being socially responsible is a very important way for companies to generate interest in communities, and can contribute to a company performing well (Allenby & Krizov, 2004; De Pelsmacker, Driesen, & Rayp, 2005). When a company moves into an area and starts hiring people and giving back to the community, people who live there see the value in the company and want

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