Staples Inc: Sustainability and the Global Village

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Staples, Inc: Sustainability and the Global Village Staples, Inc. is a "green" company, and ranked in the top 25 on the Green Power Partner list put out by the EPA (Pallavi, 2006). Nearly 3000 of its office products have at least some recycled content in them. Clearly, Staples has sustainability and the global village in mind. By using recycled content, Staples shows that it is committed to helping people live better lives and reducing the number of items that end up discarded in landfills each year. The paper the company sells and uses is environmentally friendly, and Staples is working on the creation of its own brand of products that are produced with raw materials that are green. The fulfillment center in Maryland is solar powered, and a store in California is also using solar power for at least part of its energy needs (Pallavi, 2006). Strategies to reduce power usage include putting all copiers in the store in "sleep mode" if they go unused for more than 15 minutes, which saves the company more than $1 million every year on its energy bills. That simple step also keeps 11 million pounds of harmful carbon monoxide out of the atmosphere (Dalkir & Warren-Boulton, 2003). Recycling is big at Staples, as well. All used toner and ink cartridges can be taken there, and they go on the customer's reward card for the store. Customers get two dollars for every ink cartridge they bring in for recycling, so it benefits the customer and the environment. Customer relations are

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