Staples Marketing Case Study

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Marketing Issues. Staples has continually gone with the more traditional methods when it comes to marketing. Today there are many other approaches and platforms that companies can take to market their products to customers. In the past, traditional marketing methods did prove to be successful for some companies, but with the changing times they have needed to become more adaptable to fresher ways, which includes social media marketing. The drive to use social media for marketing purposes is to influence customers to purchase products, also there are different variables that can be used to determine purchasing habits (Boon-long and Wongsurawat, 2015). Staples uses social media to engage their customers, but it does not eliminate problems…show more content…
Several international ties have been severed with Europe, New Zealand and Australia; then within a year there are things in the workings of doing the same with Asia and South America (“Form 10-Q,” 2017). These strategies will bring more focus on the business within the United States.
Corporate and Business Strategies
Mission and Goals. The mission statement of Staples is as follows:
At Staples, we are committed to truly making a difference through the preservation of the earth 's resources and the betterment of our communities. To offer the best in affordable recycled products. We give back to our communities across the country (Anitsal, Anitsal, and Tulay, 2013). Staples’ company goals are in support of its mission statement and are broken down into separate categories for better understanding. Staples has their goals on its company website, as well as it is listed on reports that are available to the public such as annual shareholders meetings; goals listed are for the community, ethics, environment, diversity and inclusion (“Proxy statement,” 2017).
Diversification. Companies that strategically use diversification can benefit greatly from it in ways such as spiking customers’ interest and potentially increase its sales and profits (“The benefits of diversification,” 2016). If it is used correctly, it can support the services

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