Staples and Cofer

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Different Ethnicities Same Problems When Americans meet someone new they are already sticking that person into some sort of category because of their appearance. If someone looks different than Americans are use to, they automatically stick some sort of stereotype to them. Stereotypes are strongly displayed in the media; stereotype can be based of someone’s color, culture, religion, or sex. In Black men in public spaces by Brent Staples, and in The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the authors talk about stereotypes based on their gender and ethnicity and the experiences they both encounter because of their ethnicity and gender which have many similarities and differences. Stereotypes can lead…show more content…
There is no fear associated with these Latina women because they do not look intimidating but rather sexy or domestic, they are approached with sexual advances or as if they were all house keepers, maids, or waitresses. In Staple’s case, he was not only judged by his intimidating appearance, but also feared by all who came across him. As opposed to Cofer, where people are approaching and harassing her. Staples is seen as a threat and is unapproachable to all who come across his large stature. Staples explains how during several instances while walking around at night he would notice how individuals changed their reactions when they saw him. Staples describes how he would hear the sound of car doors being locked when he would cross a street with cars waiting for the traffic light to change (Staples 60). Staples also explains how tense it would get when he would walk down the street at night with other pedestrians around. Although Staples was everything but a mugger, the people he came across at night from fearing him. Staples was clearly seen as some sort of predator while Cofer was seen as the prey who is constantly approached and being harassed with negative and insulting comments. She was stopped and harassed on many occasions by men singing offensive songs to her. Staples was nothing like a criminal, what most people assumed he was, he was an educated individual who had an intimidating appearance from his
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