Staples and Its Stakeholder Approach

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Staples does not consult with stakeholders, per se, when making decisions. The company does, however, take stakeholders into consideration in its decision-making process. The company has taken an approach that is characterized as Staples Soul. Under this approach, Staples takes into account a variety of stakeholder groups, from suppliers to customers, employees and the environment, when making decisions, in addition to the shareholders. This process is facilitated through stakeholders' groups that the company will have regular communication with. As of yet, this mostly is the employees resource groups that have been set up within the company. My experience with Staples has been somewhat minimal. I might have bought something there once. The stakeholders have more direct experience with the company than I. Stakeholder groups do not typically publish reports on companies, but occasionally some do. Diversity Inc is one such group, and has listed Staples on its list of 25 Noteworthy Companies for 2011 (Diversity, Inc, 2011). This list is focused on the employees as stakeholders. Another report that has lauded Staples comes from ForestEthics and the Dogwood Council. This report gave Staples a B grade for its forest-related paper practices. Cited were decisions to avoid paper produced with wood from highly-sensitive forest areas, showing that the company is aware of specific issues and works with suppliers actively to ensure that it holds its activities accountable. (No author,
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