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A film Star is a performer whose presence in a film can assure BOX-OFFICE success and who generates interest in his or her life beyond film roles; that is being used as a marketable commodity to promote a film for the attention of the audience. (Blandford et al., 2000,p. 224). According to (Cook, 2007, p.111) Stardom is a person or an image with particular characteristics (talent, beauty, glamour, charisma) but with a complex set of cultural processes. This come to reason why producer take time and search for a well know actor that have all it take and charisma when producing a film. According to (Cook, 2007, p. 112) star image carries powerful cultural connotations that both exceed the fictional codes of character and identification…show more content…
Stars have changed their persona because the director want then to do so because of the character role in the movies, and that is why it tough for them to leave an ordinary life from what character they have being involved. The audience forgets that stars are human like us. Danny Archer was a mercenary that flight for the biggest price; he was born in Rhodesia, in Zimbabwe. He 's parents were both killed during the civil war in Rhodesia in his present, and that make him fearless when he were doing his business and was taking into an orphan in South Africa. He never had faith in the war all what he want is to make his money he experience some emotional dissonance as a child. Danny Archer, as he is used to in the illegal conflict diamonds that are smuggled through Liberia into Europe due to the civil war in Sierra Leone. That shows the greed of Archer, and there is something in him that pushes him on how to make profits off the horror and destruction of whole communities in Africa during the internal military conflict. He is willing to go to extreme to archive his goal no matter what it takes that is why he deals with the rebel and the government directly. He 's linked with the European that deals with an illegal diamond smuggled out of war zone that leads to exploitation of Africans and their natural resources. Danny Archer play a good character on how he put on the accent of a Zimbabwe, he needs to pay his debts from Col Coetzee. Archer was desperate
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