Star : A Film Star

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A film Star is a performer whose presence in a film can assure BOX-OFFICE success and who generates interest in his or her life beyond film roles; that is being used as a marketable commodity to promote a film for the attention of the audience. (Blandford et al., 2000,p. 224).

According to (Cook, 2007, p.111) Stardom is a person or an image with particular characteristics (talent, beauty, glamour, charisma) but with a complex set of cultural processes. This come to reason why producer take time and search for a well know actor that have all it take and charisma when producing a film.

According to (Cook, 2007, p. 112) star image carries powerful cultural connotations that both exceed the fictional codes of character and identification and work to bind us into the fictional word of film. Star put so much emphasis on their image rather on the acting, stars suppose to be seen in public as a role model. When it come to the studio executives, public relations staffs, agents that worked with the actor so as to create a star persona and they all work together to cover up various types of incident or lifestyles that would have damaged the star 's public image and family life. Don’t forget that stars are human like us who are meant to made mistakes.

Star persona may either fit the fictional character or work to produce a disjuncture that may have ideological significance. (Cook, 2007, p. 112). Star persona is being changed to various film characters that target the audience for a…
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