Star Of David Holocaust Analysis

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(Page 6-10) Eva had a brother she was very close to, his name was Heinz. At the age of 9, Heinz had a problem with his left eye which had him blind in that one eye. Heinz always made Eva cry, telling her stories about him dying. They both lived with their dad, then Mutti and their pappy. They ate with other families in a large dining room, both German and Jews. (Page 11) They were Jewish, but over eight years Eva had spoken German, now her and her brother were taking French. (Page 12) November 9, 1938 7,500 Jewish shops were burnt down. (Page 13-14) Mutti didn't like that they didn't own their home by themselves anymore. (Page 17) Since 1933 lots of Jewish families lived in the same area, and their children would always play in the same area. (Page 21) Wearing the Star of David was a very important thing in this time. (Page 20-21) It was very interesting that Jews had to go to Jewish schools, not mixed with other students and they couldn't be taught by Christians. What I do not like is, all Jewish people cannot intend any cinemas, trains or anything that people will notice them. They also had to go to their own Jewish stores, which is not fair. (Page 21-22) Germans will arrest other Jews, just…show more content…
It's fun and awesome to find out how people actually died in the past. You want to know what happened to people who suffered, so if it happens again you can be prepared for it. This book tells you everything that has went through the camps, and If someone reads this book, they should definitely share it. If someone talks about the Holocaust sometime in their life, then you would know somethings about it, if you read this book. If someone likes biographies or realistic books, this is the book to read! Reading is fun, when you know you're finding more out about the world. It is really great, when you know the answers to something, from just reading a book... So read this book! I recommend it to
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