Star Spangled Banner

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Many people hail “The Star Spangled Banner” as the greatest piece of American music. The audiences of America’s national anthem seem, instinctively, eager to express their respect by embracing the notion to remove their hats and stand up. However, not many people ponder over the question of what “The Star Spangled Banner” truly means. What does it mean? Why does it deserve so much reverence and honor? What exceptional difference allows it to prevail over the masterpieces of prominent composers like Mozart and Beethoven? The answer is fairly simple. “The Star Spangled Banner” symbolizes America’s perseverance, its set of moral laws and ethics, and its history that constitutes what America truly means. “The Star Spangled Banner”…show more content…
It portrays America’s peerless zeal to defend its homeland and, in the course, its rights, its values, and its freedom that require such dear efforts to attain. Furthermore, it duly illustrates the many trials America is willing to face to create this new haven in which every person is free from persecution for following their perception of true freedom. However, the moral and humane laws of the Americans dictate the extension of freedom to others. Freedom, as the Americans come to believe, belongs to everyone. The most conspicuous example of America’s extending arms of compassion and equality is the Civil War. Of course, there is no obligation for America to fight a war against itself for the welfare of African Americans. Still, America is only abiding by its own set of ethical laws and the humanity that the Bible dictates. In comparison, the moral cause of this war is exceptionally similar to that in “The Star Spangled Banner”. Both of the conflicts involve America in an attempt to uphold its significant values and tenets through confiding in their religion. Both of the conflicts hail a future in which freedom shall govern this nation. Moreover, both of the conflicts prove America’s traditional values and faith apt to withstand wave after wave of bombardment without faltering. America is a separate little haven in which no limits exist to restrict the people’s religious faith or to hinder them from following their moral laws and values. “The Star
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