Star Wars, A Galactic Sci Fi Fantasy Directed By George Lucas

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Star Wars, a galactic sci-fi fantasy directed by George Lucas, has been a growing American cult classic for the past few decades. Ever since its first premiere in 1977, the franchise has been a growing success in the entertainment and film industry, inspiring a number of directors and filmmakers to shift towards creating action-packed blockbuster hits for younger audiences. It took years of multiple rough drafts and sketches to form the ideal vision Lucas had been trying to unravel in his head. Everything regarding the film— from the film set to the buttons on the costumes— went through scrutiny The purpose of this essay is to acknowledge the creation of Star Wars and the creative process running through Lucas’ mind — his ideas and…show more content…
He generally wanted the film to feel timeless —not necessarily futuristic— that would capture the audience 's imagination, while not distracting them from the story. Till this day, there has been much confusion to why the series started with Episode IV: A New Hope, instead of going in chronological order (i.e, Episode I, Episode II, etc.). Lucas originally wanted to create two trilogies, however, he was not certain if it would be a huge success and just a flop. After much consideration and many meetings down the road, he thought it would only be logical to start with Episode IV — originally just Star Wars at the time — because it was the only plot/story that he could make as a stand alone movie with the limited level of special effects given at the time of production. The movie became such a commercial success that he later produced the sequels ( Episode V and VI ) because of how much the fans praised it. By further pondering about the overall story of Star Wars, Lucas wanted to develop Episodes I, II, and III in order to fulfill those unanswered questions about Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader, or who was Luke and Leia’s mother. By that time, technology has greatly advanced to develop astonishing effects to give the fans what they hoped and dreamed for. All the films were later given an episode number to accommodate

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