Star Wars : A Science Fiction Genre Trilogy

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Savon Benally
Star Wars Star Wars is a Science Fiction genre trilogy. The stories and ideas of the trilogy were all written by George Lucas. Star Wars was originally a three movie saga. A New Hope was the first movie of the Star Wars trilogy released in 1977. Then a second movie was made sequencing A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Three years later a third movie was made, The Return of The Jedi (1983). With Star Wars originally being a 3 movie saga; a prequel was made with having 3 more movies being made to follow through with the original Star Wars sequel. The prequels were all created and directed by George Lucas. In 1999, the first Star Wars movie of the prequel was released, The Phantom Menace. The second movie was shown in 2002 Attack of The Clones, then the third and final movie was released in theatres in 2005, The Revenge of The Sith. Star Wars seemed to have a lot of interest within children. George then created cartoons with stories taking place between The Attack of The Clones and The Revenge of The Sith storyline. The cartoon series contained 4 movies and even a TV show all being named The Clone Wars. With Star wars having an original story line within 6 movies, an expanded universe was then created to give a visual background of Star Wars through books, comics, and even video games. The expanded universe contributed on telling Star Wars fans a furthermore history in the Star Wars story line before the Phantom Menace and after The Return of
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