Star Wars And The Cold War Analysis

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Topic: Star Wars and The Cold War
Thesis: The American people see themselves as the rebels in The Star Wars original trilogy, instead, the Empire is a reflection of the U.S created by George Lucas as a protest against U.S imperialism during the Cold War.

Bloom, Peter. "Can Star Wars Be A Force for Revolution, Not Just Empire?" Common Dreams. Common Dreams, 18 Nov. 2015. Web. 07 Mar. 2016.

Peter Bloom, a lecturer in the Department of People and Organisations at the Open University, in "Can Star Wars Be A Force for Revolution, Not Just Empire?" talks about Star Wars initially being criticized for promoting imperialism and a hateful message of “us vs them”. The article goes deeper and finds another progressive message of internationalism
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Star Wars incorporated espionage, satellite states, and weapons of mass destruction; all characteristics of the Cold War. The death star represents nuclear missiles during the Cold War, princes Leia uploading plans of the death star to the rebellion relates to espionage, and Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back reflects a satellite state. The text is at a junior in college reading level. The author knows his history and knows the Star Wars trilogy, he is simply connecting the dots. He has no direct quotes from George Lucas, but his connections are logical. This article correlates Star Wars with the Cold War. It has direct comparisons of real life examples that are copied onto the Star Wars movies. The Cold War had a social impact throughout the world. This text addresses peoples nuclear concerns, imperialism of the two super powers, and distrust in the government. There are direct examples of the Cold War influence in the Star Wars…show more content…
George is inspired by real-life figures and events like Nazi Germany, Richard Nixon, Knights Templar, and the Cold War. Richard Nixon is a dictator in Lucas’s eyes, which helped him create Emperor Palpatine, nuclear weapons of mass destruction translated into The Death Star, and guerrilla warfare in the Vietnam War turned to the rebellion from Star Wars. The reading level of the text is for a freshman in college. The author has direct quotes from George Lucas to support his claims about the historical influence in Star Wars. Christopher Klein specializes in historical writings which add to his validity. George Lucas himself talks about real life influences that led to the creation of Star Wars. There is a little of everything in the movie, but it is mostly influenced by the Cold War. Richard Nixon was in power during the Cold War, the Vietnam War was part of the Cold War, and the arms race after the fall of Nazi Germany was part of the Cold war as well. Real life events and figures from the Cold War are reflected onto the original trilogy. The empire in Star Wars is very similar to the U.S and is clear that George Lucas took into account U.S imperialism when creating
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