Star Wars Episode Vll-A Force Awakens

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Director J.J. Abram’s Star Wars: Episode Vll - A Force Awakens is a great piece of film that surpassed everyone's expectations. This is the seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise, and continues the adventures of Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca; along with some new faces. The highly anticipated movie stayed true to the original trilogy by successfully incorporating themes of action, adventure, suspense, fantasy, sci-fi, and the dark side. There are three criteria, mostly the movies ability to tell a great story, originality, and action packed scenes that made the movie a worth while experience. This movie is also rated PG-13, so the whole family is welcome to experience the adventure. The ability to tell a great story is very important in a movie, especially if this movie follows a very successful line of stories. The movie takes place 30 years after Star Wars: Episode Vl - Return of The Jedi, and follows a new protagonist, Rey, that stumbles upon a robot with the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi in the entire galaxy. She sets off to …show more content…

Exceptionally well, that’s how. This movie is actioned packed from the very first scene to the very last. It has superb battle scenes, huge explosions, and beautifully choreographed fights. This movie isn't just exciting to watch, but its also mesmerizing in a way - from its breathtaking interpretations of other planets to its imaginative characters. As for planets being destroyed - this time around the First Order upgraded the plans for the Death Star and in doing so created a super weapon known as the Starkiller Base. This planet turned military base is twice as big as the Death Star and has the ability to harness the energy of an entire star, and then use that energy to literally destroy anything in its way. Now does that sound action packed or

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