Star Wars Fans: A Personal Narrative

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A/N Alright, so I was going to be a horrible person and make you guys wait a few weeks for the next chapter, but you guys are too great to deserve that. I didn’t want to leave an author’s note for a chapter because I don’t like getting disappointed when I see those, so I’ll give you another chapter, even though it may be a little short.

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He quickly looked at the room where the redhead was currently in before snatching the lighted object and opening it. The text he sent back in reply for her was Oh hi! Actually my place is a bit of a mess, so how about I just meet you outside. It’ll be good to get some fresh air.

A small surge of pride flooded through him because he didn’t snap at Sebastard and it sounded very close to something Clary would say.

He replied back almost immediately, confirming that it would be okay. Only, he didn’t realize that he would be meeting a big muscular man instead of a small frail girl.

The shower had stopped in the bathroom so Jace hurriedly erased the past few text messages and threw it on the table. He leaned back with his arms folded nonchalantly. Clary grinned in greeting as she came out, drying her hair with a yellow towel. “How was class?” Her voice wasn’t all there yet, but it was coming back little by little each day.

“Eh, same as always, boring as hell,” he replied.

Just as she sat down next to him, Jace stood up. Hurt flashed briefly across the pale face of the girl, before being poorly covered up. He smiled apologetically and said, “I’ll be right back, just need to get some air. It’s a little stuffy in
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Where is she?”

“Listen here, Verlac.” Jace grabbed his shirt and yanked him towards him, “You stay away from Clary. I know what the type of guy you are. You get with girls, just to leave them heartbroken and alone. She doesn’t need that shit in her life right now.”

He tried to shove Jace away, but he wasn’t as strong and ended up doing minimal damage. “What the hell is your problem man? Back off!”

“All you want to do is get in her pants, then ditch her. I’ve heard all of the stories of what you have done, seen the looks on the girls’ faces as they see you locking lips with some other girl without even breaking it off. I’m no idiot and neither is Clary, but you need to keep away unless you want that pretty little face of yours that you think so highly of to be messed up. Now, wouldn’t that be a shame.”

Sebastian had a mix of a smirk and a flinch on his face. “You don’t know me,” he spat, “and you don’t have a right to threaten me like that.”

Jace tilted his head, “If you value your stay at LIU, then I suggest you shut your mouth. Anyone has enough dirt on you to get you kicked out and blocked from entering other schools. Your family is very dirty. You don’t clean up very
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