Star Wars Game Analysis

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Would you rather be in a dinosaur world or play a game where you are in a battle in Star Wars? These two things are possible. First up is “Ark Survival Evolved”. This game is an open world with almost endless possibilities. There really isn’t an objective given to you, players just have to come up with their own objective. Your own personal objective could be to tame a certain dinosaur or build your base but first you need to get the supplies to do so. Although there is not an objective given to you, most people have the goal and that is to stay alive!

Now for “Star Wars Battlefront”. The objective depends on what gamemode you play. For example, in one of the gamemodes, you have to defend or attack objectives and those are usually labeled
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The games are matches that end when one side takes all objectives or advance to a place and win. There are different things though. There are different game modes, co-op that you can do with a friend, and there are new features since the game was released (I played a beta version which is basically where players test the game for free before it’s actually released, but the beta only had some of the game modes and maps to play on so more things are in the game since it is fully released now).

Ark Survival Evolved is known for its graphics, which might just be the best graphics of any game, especially with how much stuff there is in the game. People will tell you that you NEED a “beefy” computer to run the game and that is dead right. Even on the gaming computer I have (which is meant to play games like this on) would run the game SO slowly that I had to turn the settings down. The game looks almost like you are really on a dinosaur island. The sounds and graphics and gameplay is why Ark is such a big deal (and I know from experience by playing
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Since the game has a lot less than Ark it doesn’t have issues with running slow (if it does run slow, it is most likely your internet connection). None the less the graphics are very good. With all the lasers and lights flashing and flying by and the explosion, it makes you feel like you are in the movie.

Ark Survival Evolved and Star Wars Battlefront are different. Ark has dinosaurs but there isn’t really a time on it because there are guns and turrets but no futuristic stuff. While Star Wars Battlefront is set in star wars which is “along time ago in a galaxy far far away” and as everyone knows is very futuristic. These games are very different. In some ways, though, they are similar. For example, players can go head to head (or tribe to tribe, because you make or join a tribe in Ark) in both
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