Star Wars Informative Speech Essay

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Star Wars What movie franchise has been the most powerful film franchise in history? Who could forget traveling through space fighting evil, using the force, and defeating the empire? Yes I am talking about Star Wars. The franchise includes 6 movies and countless games, toys, and books. Now I know y'all must be thinking “she only thinks star wars in so important cause it’s her favorite movie or she’s a geek or something like that” Well to be honest I have never in my life seen any of the movies. I’ve seen bits and pieces but none of them the whole way through. Although that it true Star Wars has influenced my life. Star Wars is and will be for years to come the most influential, powerful, and profitable franchise in history. The saga …show more content…
That number is a far stretch from $4.5 billion right? Well the Star wars franchise includes much more than just the 6 movies box office totals. The video and DVD sales are about $3 billion 775 million as said by statistic brain. This includes all DVDs and movies from all 6 movies and Star wars the clone wars. The video game sales grossed $2.9 billion. These games range from the oldest super Nintendo games to the newer PlayStation and Xbox games. The book sales have grossed $1.82 billion. This is an example of just 1 of the 23 books my boyfriend alone has, all together there are over 100 books written. The toy sales have grossed 12 billion this includes all collectibles, action figures, and toys such as puzzles, Legos, coloring books, or bobble heads that talk. The last bit is considered “other” which includes licensing, television shows, and merchandise grossed appx. $1.304 billion to date. Merchandise includes Pez despisers, posters, and any other Star Wars affiliated product.
Now let’s discuss the creator George Lucus and the producer of the movies 20th Century Fox. George Lucus’ net worth is believed to be between $3.4 and $3.6 billion and growing. He wrote every movie and through negotiation kept all rights to the movies and all affiliates so to this day continues to get profits from all Star Wars licensed products. 20th century fox grossed appx. $2 billion 730 million 270 thousand 5 dollars from producing all of the movies. Originally around

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