Star Wars Text Analysis

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Darth Vader – A fictional character presented in Star Wars. The Scarlet Letter
Easy A Claude – A character featured in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series.

Film Novel
Film Video game

Familiar to the Puritan culture, as The Scarlet Letter is based in New England.
Shakespearian language. Worldwide cultures
Origin in Britain.
- Starring a child ambling around his house dressed as Darth Vader.

- Sound effect of dog barking.
- Star Wars Theme Song By John Williams.

Language Features
- “Das Auto”.
- “Volkswagen Play or Get Played”.

Stylistic Features
- Low camera angle to show particle reference to the child’s height, as he is walking through the hallway.

- Inspired by a scene of
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The commercial relates to the idea of following an unexpected rampage of love and compassion, rather than violence and theft.
Tries to use ‘the force’, in order to start a 2012 Passat in a driveway, with one the many new features such as remote ignition. Which connects to the activities undertaken by a person, who is not normally capable of preforming in such a way.
The commercial is intended to aim for those who are Star Wars fans and understand the reference that’s being used with the boys desire to use the force. The sweet and tangy spread is depicted too good, then to be some sort of product considered as black magic.
Kraft is promoting the idea that it’s okay to purchase Miracle Whip, rather than buying the same mayonnaise every time. It doing so, it attempts to create a group identity around a shared set of taste preference. Coca-Cola is definitely aiming to target a young, male crowd, that are interested in gaming by changing the lifestyle of those playing the game.
But also people who watch the Superbowl, are likely to be familiar with Grand Theft Auto. Therefore, it is evident that Coca-Cola could reach an even wider audience with this
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