Star Wars : The Force

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been a huge success since it hit theaters December 18, 2015. According to Times Magazine, “the seventh installment in the space saga became the highest grossing film in North America”. Star Wars: The Force Awakens may have some mixed reviews, but no one can deny the numbers. The seventh film made the most out of all of the films, but it may just be due to the already massive fan base. When Disney gained the rights to Star Wars, fans of the universe had mixed feelings. Some Star Wars enthusiasts were even worried that Disney would ruin what George Lucas created. To say the least, the majority of fans were not disappointed with the newest installment in this massively popular science fiction franchise. Although, George Luca was disappointed with Disney’s choice to “do a retro movie”, fans enjoyed the familiar feel. Disney’s and director J.J. Abrams’s Star Wars appealed to individuals of all ages and even people who were not Star Wars fans originally. How did The Force Awakens positively affect the franchise? This film added many great characters, environments, but it also created a new story that built on from the past Star Wars movies. This film may be a sequel, but it can stand alone as a masterpiece of science fiction. Star Wars: The Force Awakens positively added to and improved the Star Wars franchise.
Women have been represented very scarcely in the first 6 Star Wars’ films. “There is only one important female character per Star Wars…

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