Star Wars: a New Hope

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Critique Star Wars: A new hope "A long.long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…." These short, simple words have

influenced generations. Novices and Star Wars fans alike have enjoyed and thrived on these

inventive movies. The writer and director, George Lucas, came up with the idea during his years

at the University of California. He came up with a six part series, yet, the first movie to be

produced was part four entitled Star Wars: A new hope. It was produced in 1977 by Gary Kurtz.

Star Wars was a serious breakthrough for the marketing of Melodramatic movies. Star Wars: A

new hope is a perfect example of entertaining melodramas that has provided the basis for the

movies seen today. Lasers
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In Star Wars: A new hope, the person is Mark Hamill.

Since Hamill made his first movie appearance in the leading role of Luke Skywalker there was a

great deal of skepticism as towards whether he could handle such a large role. Hamill

maintained the expected aspects of a theoretic melodrama, yet he also gave an added depth to his

character. Mark Hamill was born in Oakland, California on September 25, 1951.
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