Star Wars and Vietnam

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Even though there doesn’t exist an apparent motive for the film’s production, there exists an underlying reason or theme behind this film in particular. As we will see, once the connection is made, it will hard to distinguish between the battles taking place within the film and the actual events that occurred in Vietnam. The movie is first and foremost a science fiction film that portrays political, social, and spiritual conflict in a galaxy far far away and a very long time ago. Although, it is hard to take out personal biases about what is going on during the time you produce a film and what affects you politically. Therefore, knowingly or not, ideologies and personal opinions make their way into the piece of art that you direct and make. We must first start off with the usage and character of the ‘Ewok” that inhabit the planet of Endor. These mammalian bipeds represent not only a small “teddy bear-like” tribe that lives on the planet but a representation of the Viet Cong and the tactics they used to fool and disrupt the Americans while in South Vietnam. This is not as farfetched as we can believe. George Lucas himself, in the “making of” documentary for Return of the Jedi mentions this idea himself. It makes sense as well. When we look at the Ewoks and…

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