Star of the Sea

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This passage is an extract from Joseph O’ Connor’s Star of the sea which was penned in the year 2002. The passage makes use of a third person narrative view point as a result of which the readers are provided with a vivid image of passengers aboard a stormy sea ship. The passage talks about a ship afloat a stormy sea and how the passengers on the deck are caught unaware due to this storm. The author uses a descriptive style of writing with short crisp sentences that heighten the pace of the story. In the last two paragraphs however, the author uses longer sentences that signal a slower pace and show the readers that the storm has died down for the time being. The author has interspersed the action with 2 dialogues. It is interesting to…show more content…
The author uses kinaesthetic imagery in order to show the readers that everyone was not still on the ship and there was a lot of movement and chaos aboard the ship. Another interesting kinaesthetic image is that of the “Snappings of wood (which) filled the air like gunshots”. In this image the author shows us how stormy the sea was that it caused parts of a sturdy 80 year old ship to break into small fragments. The comparison could be to show that the storm was like a pirate who caused damage to the ship and its passengers. A little hint of the characters can be seen in the third paragraph. Laura’s pleading look could show that she had wanted Dixon to do something and she was on the verge of pleading with him to do it. Laura’s close relative could be on the deck of the ship and she may have wanted Dixon to go save that relative which could explain the pleading look. Meredith is portrayed as an authoritative character who seems like she does not like Dixon and hence “drags (Laura and her sons) like sacks” to move them away from Dixon. An expressionist element is seen in the character of the Captain of the ship. He is portrayed as a shadowy authoritative character who wants his instructions to be obeyed to the tee. The passage ends on a note of suspense like the storm is going to return. The tightening of the hatches foreshadows that something bad is coming in the way of the ship. To conclude with I would like to say that the author has
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