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Assignment 1 ‘Star of the Sea’ by Joseph o Connor is a text set during the Irish Potato Famine, in 1847. The Irish Potato famine of the 1840s was the greatest social catastrophe of 19th century Europe, yet inspired surprisingly little imaginative writing. (Eagleton, 2002) However this book has been described by the Sunday Times as having ‘compelling characters and a dizzying narrative’ (Heaney, 2007) This compelling story is set around a wealthy, turned bankrupt, land owner and his family who flee to America, the promised land, in search of a new life. They are joined on this journey by a range of other passengers whose previous lives are in entwined together in a past that won’t let them go. The book has been written as…show more content…
During a conversation between them regarding their nanny, Mary Duane, Lord Kingscourt is concerned with the nanny’s recent behaviour, however when he says that ‘perhaps she is homesick’ (Ibid, Page 7), his wife laughs at this and replies by saying ‘I hardly think so.’ (Ibid, Page 7) He is a kind, considerate man who does not have normal upper class tendnacies towards other people. Lord Kingscourt finds the behaviour of the irish upper class ‘hard to stomach’ (Ibid, Page 8), he doesn’t like the way the ‘prosperous Irish were never done lampooning their rural countrymen’ (Ibid, Page 8). The upper class usually find it acceptable to make fun of the lower classes, it is a form of humour to them. However Lord Kingscourt does not hold this view, he cares about the people around him, regardless of where they have came from or how much money they have. Lord Kingscourt has in fact ‘often envied them,’ (Ibid, Page 10). The previous night Lord Kingscourt had observed a member of steerage, either drunk or half mad in chains. The Methodist minister told him the man had been locked up for being drunk and violent. As he knew of the man, from Clifden, where he would sell turnips and kale on a Monday morning with his father, he

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