Starbuck Coffee Corporation Stands Alone

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There are many companies in the coffee industry, but there is nothing like Starbucks. Starbucks Corporation is an international company of coffee founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker. Starbucks has taken a coffee bean and turned it into beverages that people around the world crave. They are the leading competitor in the coffee industry, and our well known for their quality and customer service. Starbucks has changed the world with their products, their pricing, their customer service, and their expansion around the world. Starbucks started in 1971 when the first store was open in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. The three friends, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker got the idea from Alfred Peet, the man who started Peet’s Coffee. They were inspired by his success and wanted to start their own. The store originally just sold coffee beans and coffee equipment. In 1982 a man named Howard Schultz was hired as the director of retail operations and marketing. Schultz then traveled to Italy and saw the popularity of espresso bars in Milan and decides that the store should be selling drinks and not just beans and equipment. He then convinces the founder to test the coffee house concept and in 1984 the first Starbucks Latte was served. Howard then decides to start his own company called II Giornale selling brewed coffee and espressos made from Starbucks coffee beans in 1986. Then in 1987 the owners sell Starbucks to Howard and
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