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Case 2-1 Starbucks keep it brewing in Asia
Discussion Questions:
Starbucks is an American company who try to expend its business to other country around the world. However, each country owned and has an identity, a history, and culture. This requires to Starbucks to analyze the current market and adapt his offers according to the needs and mores (usages).
There are several barriers facing Starbucks to the “teaching” people to change their consumption habits from tea and instant coffee. First of all, the major problem is that a cultural problem. In fact tea is still the number one beverage in China because it is a part of China’s national heritage. China has 1.3 billion populations, and the potential 1.3 billion populations is
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Besides, even if in the text it is written, “As if Chinese market were not enough, Starbucks is finalizing a deal to enter India.” I think that if Starbucks succeed with Chinese market they could also enter the Indian market, with the same research realize for China.

There is response to this question in the text, but I can explain my thought. When we buy a coffee at Starbucks we don’t buy only a coffee but also a corporate images, a service, a way of thinking and living. Starbucks create its own environment, brand value. It represents the premium coffee. There is not only coffee, even if it is the Starbucks’s specialty. Also, there is breakfast, drink, gift card, candy, lunch, and all spin-off products (derivative product or tie-in merchandise). The atmospheres of the place are a huge factor in the Starbucks experience. They want us to be the first and the most luxurious coffee.
To respond to Americans and Europeans’ increasing concern for the environment, Starbucks adopted a green marketing. They contribute to protect the environment by using recycled cup and other things. It’s a way to play with the affective (emotional) component of the consumer.
This way of thinking is true in western countries, I do not know about this fact in Middle Eastern and eastern countries.
In order to complete my answer, I also search on Internet the other values of Starbucks (Internal values).

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