Starbuck and Apple Prtnership

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Revenue Model Chadeesia Dunkley February 27, 2015 Kamal Dahbur Starbuck- Apple Partnership Starbuck is the nation’s largest coffee house with 21,160 stores throughout the world. Starbuck is known for it hot and cold signature beverages along with its pastries and snacks. Starbuck evening locations serve wine, beer and limited appetizers after 4 pm. Along with its unique beverages and pasties, Starbucks also provides free Wi-Fi to its customers. In today’s society, free wireless internet connection is a feature customers seek in choosing locations to eat. Due to the high volume of customers and multiple locations throughout the world, Starbuck serves as an ideal location for a partnership with Apple Corporation. The Apple Company…show more content…
This effect would increase the revenue from sales. This would also increase the quantity of customers to go to Starbucks. Depending upon the location of the Starbuck the music is tailored to the target market. For example the music played in a college town in Ohio may be different than the professional inner city of New York. The selective music choice would ensure that customer come into the store and enjoy the music played. This would subconsciously increase the chances of customers staying at Starbucks longer. Indirect Revenue Starbucks and iTunes partnership would benefit other companies indirectly. The partnership would increase customer volume which in turn would increase sales at Starbucks. The companies that manufacture the products such as pastries, and sandwich would benefit from the merger. The partnership would increase the volume of Starbucks customer, which would increase the sales of product in the stores. The increased customer would also make Starbucks increase their supply to keep up with the new demand. Additional Investors Marketers would benefit from the mergers due to the increased volume of customers. This would allow more exposure of the marketer advertisement. Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. This merger can attract future

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