Starbucks : A Coffee Company

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Starbucks is a Coffee Company that was founded in 1971 as a coffee retails company by three partners known as: Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegal and Gordon Bowker located in Seattle in United States. The chairman and CEO of the company: Howard Schultz in 1987 took over the company and reformed it into a global brand by focusing on creating strong interpersonal relationships with customers and providing them with a highest quality of coffee. At present, Starbucks has reached to a maximum level of excellence and possess a set of well-diversified portfolio of products like, confectionaries, espressos, tea and non-caffeinated products are to mention a few.
Starbucks is a Coffee Company that is successfully renowned throughout the corners of the world. It has successfully won a great amount of loyal customers regardless of its high priced, coffee. Many investors are also interested in this business as they see Starbucks as a moneymaking investment. Starbucks is popular for its high priced and high quality coffee with an ambient of comfortable sofas and delightful music. It has advertised and promoted itself as the “Third Place” that means a place where people can visit beside their homes and jobs (Starbucks: A Strategic Change and Management Perspective, 2014).

Business Model
Key Partners: The key partners of Starbucks include the coffee suppliers. Some of the important partners that teamed Starbucks involve KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King.
Key Activities: The key activities of the
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